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The best way to understand the life of prehistoric people is to try some of their daily activities.
We can call it Experimental Archaeology,
Living History or Back to Roots.

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Workshop program


  • brief introduction to the Paleolithic (time span, anthropogenesis - advantages and disadvantages)

  • stone tools and weapons of the Paleolithic - examples of the gradual development of tools (from a chisel, through a hand axe to blades and arrowheads); examples of raw materials (flint, radiolarite, limnosilicite, obsidian); examples of stone-tipped lances, spears and arrows

  • flint knapping (short presentation)

  • working with flint tools - students have an opportunity to use a number of chipped flint tools with which they can work with wood, bones, antlers, leather, etc.

  • drilling with a simple spindle with a stone tip into pebbels, shells, wood

  • Venus – examples of true replicas (clay) of the most famous Venuses (Moravany, Věstonice, Willendorf, Kostienky and others) or mammoths

  • modelling of a Venus or a mammoth from clay 

  • spinning fibres to string - demonstration of nettle and sinew strings; presentation of processing nettle stems into fibres and spinning - pupils spin fibres from nettle, hemp, flax;


  • neolithic tools - demonstration of an axe and the method of making a stone axe, students can try sharpening; demonstration of a sickle with flint blades

  • spinning with a spindle  whorl - pupils can try it (more demanding on skill)

  • drilling with a Neolithic drill (pumpdrill)  in stone, shells, wood.

  • grain crushing - students can try crushing grain on a grain crusher


  • fire - how fire was started in the past (friction, striking) - students can try the hand drill technique (friction of stick against a wooden mat; don't worry, they won't really set fire to anything); under good weather conditions the possibility to start a fire outside for a demonstration (no guarantee that it will actually work)

  • spear throwing - if the school has a suitable space (playground, school grounds) - throwing spears with a spear thrower (atlatl)

Duration: 5 lessons (possibility to modify)

Price: 5 000 Kč (200 Eur)

Workshop Leader: Mgr. Branislav Kočan

tel: 00421 908 420 468

      00420 734 728 954


STARTECH - Staré technológie, o. z.

20 rokov pedagogická prax



prezident STARTECH o. z.

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Visit our page - there is a lot of interesting stuff about prehistory, texts unfortunately only in Slovak language. 

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First metals

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